Clearing Negativity


I have always thought of myself as a positive person. Thats for sure how I would describe myself but a few days ago I began a fast of negativity and changed my morning routine to include meditation and such and it turns out my mind is against me darling! I’m stunned to realize that I seem to be shrouded in doubt and negative thoughts which, now that I’m taking stock, seems incredible to me that I ever managed to achieve anything with all this wild and dark internal dialogue going on. I am now determined to release myself from the grip and downward spiral of going to the worst possible scenario which is where I can slip pretty quick.

So I have begun to shift patterns and change my ways. I want to be untethered from the grey unhelpful untruths that swirl around my mind. So I have begun the Miracle Morning¬†routine; to meditate each morning, set intentions, visualizations, read something inspiring, write some things and then do yoga. It takes me 25 minutes and I start the day with zest and a clear mission as to whats what. So far, so brilliant to tell you the truth. Setting myself up for the day has been so helpful and has made me much more aware of when I slip into panic over the “What Ifs…” of my life.

This months theme is Negativity Fast. Day 7 and I feel that I’m on the 1st step: Taking stock and realizing how often I was being ruled by a negative internal dialogue. Suddenly all those phrases like “Get out of your own way” and “you’re your own worst enemy” became clear in their meaning. Its like a Mutiny on The Bounty of your very own self and the buck stops here I’ll tell you that straight off darling.

The next step is clearly releasing and then flying towards dream realization…which I’m sure will be on the cards before Christmas. Watch this negative free space darling.


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