Landlocked Mind


I woke up anxious this morning with a whirling mind of all that I had to do before leaving for a trip tomorrow. Coupled with an unexpected TV show which I had had to write and record VO for this morning…so a frantic day and instead of thinking I had at least one whole day to prep this trip I ended up with 45 minutes this morning to pack. I nearly forgot the umbrella and the coat, such was my mayhem pre NYC trip day.

I listened to a meditation app on my phone this morning at 6am to calm the panic and then read. Something that I read jumped straight out at me: Don’t have a landlocked mind, when you are gaging your potential and future success by your past. Believe that things can change and be different.

And that is what I have clung to today. I have felt a little shaky in my belief that things can be different and I want to blow that up. So thats what I wanted to share with you this week. If at all possible release your imagination, have faith and believe that whatever you want is attainable. Your life is not colored by your past. Let your mind be landlock free darling. Don’t end up like this boat:



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