Negativity Fast


During our weekly call Mhairi mentioned she was on the negativity fast. She had been recommended a book that was a 40 days Negativity Fast that in essence is about breaking free from negative thought patterns that limit your true life. Just like that we had found our theme for November.

November in Stockholm goes dark and cold, and it can be a slippery slope to going dark in one’s mind. So here we go, the negativity fast is on and I’m on the way to keep the slippery slope of negativity away.

I woke up Tuesday morning and felt a bit off. I’m on the verge of expanding and I had a few things on my list to do that, if I’m honest, scared me. I had put them off from Monday to Tuesday, just because I thought I wasn’t ready to take the first step. The mind is a funny thing, it rationalizes and makes logic out of emotions, and basically tricks your brain into think a million things except the hard rock truth – that you are scared.

My mind went on a ride of thinking I wasn’t ready to go through with my plans, that I was on the wrong track, that I should quit doing what I aspire to do and what not. When the time came to start the workday, I sat down at my desk, and I had to face it. Was I in fact on the wrong track, and was I about to make a big mistake? Or was something else going on? I know that our minds work like this, but still I always wonder whether there can be a bit of truth in the frenzy.

I took out my note book and started to write down all thoughts on the matter. When all thoughts were on the paper, I took a look at them only to realize that all it was, was fear. Of course there were a bunch of thoughts that I just simply couldn’t have the answer to yet. Answers that are in future outcomes, that can go either way, positive or negative. But after going through all thoughts/fears I could see the situation clearly. My mind tried to stop me out of fear of failure, and the question now was whether or not I would let it. And this is it, dear reader, the only one stopping you from growing is you. No one else. So I took a look on the potential outcomes and posed two questions to myself:

1. What would my life look like if I dared to do this and succeeded?

2. What would my life be like if I wouldn’t dare and knew that I never tried?

And I knew, I didn’t really have a choice. Who wants to live a life in regret? Not me.

So I took action. It was scary, but I refused to let my negative thought patterns control my life. To see life from potentials instead of risks energizes and push us forward, but we have to be willing to take that leap of faith needed. But after all, ”life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all”, as Helen Keller said.

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