Birthday ritual


It’s my birthday and for the past 3 birthdays I have done a new ritual, much like what some people do for the new year. Striving and growing is key in my life, and I absolutely love a fresh start. Who doesn’t? Today I want to share my ritual with you.

First, I make sure to spend 10 minutes centering myself with a meditation, preferably outdoors in nature with a great view. Then I go to a nice place, give myself a treat, and start to ask myself a bunch of questions to sum up and to close this past year’s book in order to start fresh with a new one:

  1. Who were you at your last birthday (or the last days of 2014 if you do this for a new year evaluation)?
    1. If you picture yourself from someone else’s point of view, how would you describe yourself?
    2. What feelings did you have?
    3. What were you excited about?
    4. What did you fear?
  2. What dreams and goals did you have then?
  3. Now: Which wonderful moments are your keepers from this year?
  4. Which hard and/sad moments have you experienced this year?
  5. What are your biggest achievements?
  6. What was your biggest disappointments?
  7. Who has been in your life?
  8. Have new people come into your life?
  9. Have you let go of someone (unwillingly or willingly)?
  10. Do you have any regrets?
  11. What are the lessons you have learned over the passed year?
  12. What can you learn from your answers to the questions above?
  13. Before continuing to the next question write one or more sentences on how you are grateful for this past year; for the experiences you have had, the lessons you have learned, and for the people in your life.
  14. What are you willing to commit to do differently?
  15. Who do you want to be (now)?
  16. What are your dreams (big and small) for this new chapter?
  17. What are your goals (the big hairy goals and the smaller ones) now?
  18. What is standing in your way?
    1. External obstacles (Example, a boss)
    2. Internal obstacles (Example,  a fear)
  19. Break it down into actionable steps and make an action plan.

Every year I look forward to this moment. In essence it’s about gratitude and honoring oneself and one’s efforts on this journey through life. It’s a matter of setting yourself up for the best possibilities and opportunities. It’s a way to get grounded, get ready and then go! We are big dreamers, and if we want them turned into reality we need to prepare and then take conscious and clear action.

All the best,


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