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The definition of the word inspire is ‘to make someone want to do something’. We use the word so liberally, I’m not sure what I thought it meant but for some reason this definition seemed a little basic and a little limiting.

I really believe we get what we need and sometimes before we even know we need it. Last weekend I was given an audition for a movie and had to learn a couple of pages of script before shooting the audition 2 very different ways on Monday morning. I haven’t had the opportunity to act in awhile, excepting for my own work with Tallulah and Feathers and Toast, and it reignited my passion for it. My love of being imaginative with a role. Which is bang on the right timing for when we’re about to go out and pitch Feathers and Toast, to have remembered why I am doing all this business stuff, all the pitch preparations…all simply to get to the bit which I do truly love.

I read an article about North Korea and the fact that sometimes ‘trials’ are carried out in public market squares. The accused would basically be read his crimes, then deemed guilty and then shot.Up to 90 bullets would be fired into him.

Perfect reading before going into the court the next day for another long day of seeing whether or not I would make it into the jury. As I sat there though, getting a little anxious about the weeks I may have potentially to spend in this court  and the meandering nature of the defendants slow method of questioning the potential jurors, I thought about North Korea and how grateful I am to be living here. Also having the opportunity to really ask myself my core values and beliefs on judgement, on whether I could be fair in this case. It made me feel like I was in Ancient Greece debating great ideas and thinking deep thoughts. Often I spin through life without that opportunity, so am grateful and came out inspired (and also very happy as was excused at the last minute)

So life inspires me. That perhaps sounds trite but its true. Each day I may read something or hear something that is just what I needed maybe not even for that exact moment but perhaps for the moment to come. So there you go darling may you have a brilliantly inspired day and week with many a wonder around every corner.

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