This month our theme is inspiration. I feel that I’ve had the incredible fortune to have had a mega inspiring week. First off I was in a cabin with my producing partner Holly for 2 days up a mountain to break the back of the pitch for our show. It was a challenging mind acrobatically demanding process but with the natural beauty surrounding us and the availability of hours to just wade through it all we did it. Inspired by Holly and her belief in the show and her willingness and courage to get through the hard questions. Her talent and ability to focus and edit and her creativity are inspiring to me. So grateful for finding a partner so generous.

Back in LA and the next morning my weekly Skype call with Johanna. I always leave this hour long call inspired and back on track with my core values. Johanna is a serious inspiration to me; with her talent, her persistence, her generosity and kindness. It’s no mean feat to succeed in life with your integrity intact and its an honor to be a friend of Johanna who is soaring high through her career with her head held high, bounding from strength to strength.

Towards the end of the week I started jury duty. I have completed 2 days now of being on a jury…well not quite, its been 2 days of waiting to see if I will be selected to be on a jury and so listening to other potential jurors talk about their feelings on the case as the judge and the lawyers work out who they want. This is my first time on jury duty and I have been inspired to think big thoughts. About what I feel about justice, about whether or not I can have an open mind about someone despite the accusations posed to him being horrific. Inspired by life as during my lunch break on the 1st day of duty I ate a burrito in a park, read a book (written by a close friend of mine) and listened to a saxophonist as the sun shone. The next day I started talking to another one of the potential jurors and she invited me to her french chef husband’s restaurant up the street for lunch.

Today I spent the day with my good friend Gabby making pancakes and creating vision boards for the year ahead. Inspired and moved by her journey, her friendship and her courage.

So there you go, when Johanna and I talked about having inspiration for the theme this month I was thinking about the books that I read and such inspiring me. They do, but also the people who weave in and out of my life…family, friends and strangers. Inspiration is everywhere if you’re looking for it, it seems. So for this year I would like to fundamentally bring in an open-ness of mind and a lightness of spirit so that I maybe open to whatever inspiration today may have in store for me…for surely there will be some in abundance its just a question of whether or not I see it.


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  • Linda January 20, 2016 Reply

    It’s true that beauty and inspiration is all around us. We just need to have the mind set to see it.

    • Mhairi January 23, 2016 Reply

      So true darling. It depends what filter we are looking at the world through. The beauty of lunching with you in a wonderful French restaurant unexpectedly, for example, was life inspiring! Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for reading.

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