Thank you Suffragettes!


I just got back from watching the movie Suffragette. It’s the last blog post on our January theme inspiration, and this movie brings more than justice to the word ‘inspire’ for sure.

Actions planned and some already taken because of the movie:

1. I’m going to buy tickets to the movie to get my boyfriend and his two sons to see it. They have to.

2. I feel ‘river deep and mountain high’-humble and grateful for the fight women (and men) have fought to give me the rights to freedom.

3. Under no circumstance can I ever again succumb to someone telling me what I can or cannot do.

4. I need to take action to help another woman who doesn’t yet feel the strength to stand up and speak her mind.

5. Thank my mother for her fight.

6. Send a card to the team behind the movie.

7. Never forget.

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