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I’ve been postponing this week’s blogpost all week. When the weekend finally came I thought I would write it on Saturday, I didn’t. I thought I could do it yesterday since we headed off on a vacation, but I didn’t. As I look out over the Fuengirola harbor and the Mediterranean sea in Spain this very moment I realize postponing my blogpost actually had a point.

We got to Spain yesterday, really tired in all ways to be truthful. Me and my boyfriend have both been crazy busy with work the last few months, and we really needed to go away for a while. Most of all we needed a change of pace and a change in scenery and climate.

This morning I woke up well rested with a seaview sunrise from bed. Yes, a seaview sunrise from bed. Absolutely magical! After we had some breakfast at the hotel we took a long walk by the sea and up a hill to a castle with magnificent views. Mountains, valleys, hills, the sea and the beaches. The greenery, olive trees, hibiscus, spring flowers, and the amazing smell of citrus trees blooming. We soaked it all up, the beautiful sun, and we enjoyed the moments.

As we had our lunch at a friendly Lebanese place the clouds came sweeping in and the rain started to fall. We headed back to the hotel to do a couple of hours of work. I sat down with my Mac and a cup of coffee in the hotel lobby overlooking the water. I watched the fishermen sail into the harbor after a day’s work. How the seagulls followed the ships. How the fishermen jumped to shore with a smile. How the eco system worked.

Now as I look up at the sea from my computer the rain has passed, the clouds part and the sun shines through. Everything has it’s time. Let it take time. Do not push it. Just be here now. Listen. Be. Here. Now.

The thing is, this passed week I’ve been busy meeting deadlines so I haven’t really had the time to tune in and feel what’s going on. If I’m really honest I have been giving a whole lot lately; through mentoring, script consulting, teaching and writing, I just didn’t have any energy left. I needed a break, I needed to feed my soul. In many senses I’ve been busy steering the ship instead of leading it, and that is what I got from staring at the sea looking at the fishermen this afternoon. The importance of intake vs outtake. The balance of the eco system.

What surprised me was I didn’t need a whole week’s rest. All I needed was a good night’s sleep, a lazy morning walk in the sun, and some time to just watch the sea in order to get back to me. To get back to me. So give yourself what you need, don’t wait for Spain. Do it now.

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