Aiming high

Continuing on in the certainty that everything happens for a reason, even one which may not seem clear in the moment, these past few months I have been considering buying a journal/planner which I had heard very good reviews of from an extremely reliable source (Johanna herself) but for some reason despite looking through it at my yoga studio regularly I had put off buying it.

Bang into January and I make a trip especially to buy the journal and its sold out. In its place in the Business Journal Planner. So I leaf through it and buy it and low and behold its exactly what I need. In lieu of a business coach which I have been looking for for a few months, this journal is absolutely what I needed to open up a whole new way of thinking about how I am running my life. If ever I come across anyone graduating from an arts school I am going to give them one toute suite, pronto.

Reading an incredibly insightful book bout Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracey the other night and came across a quote from Katherine: Amateurs hope and professionals work.

I feel I have bumbled through these past few years not really ever understanding that I am a business and have to put certain things in place, certain strategies. As an artist I had marched to a different beat. But am excited and thrilled about this new chapter, this new year and this new journal. I read in a book a few months ago that when one is making massive changes in ones life it can be tempting to frustratingly look back at past decisions and wonder why on earth its taken me this long to make these changes. Well one has to believe that timing is everything and perhaps I wasn’t ready to hear these things before. Anyway as a dear friend said last night, its like going backwards as in the arrow being pulled back and its just taking aim and about to fly. Ready for that. Seatbelted in and everything. Lets head for the stars.

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  • Ned Buratovich January 15, 2017 Reply

    “it can be tempting to frustratingly look back at past decisions and wonder why on earth its taken me this long to make these changes”

    Right there with you, Mhairi, I so often feel discouragement over how long (years) it has taken me to get my creative projects going.

    I guess the “trick” is to head for the stars, even when they don’t align.

    • Mhairi January 21, 2017 Reply

      Yes thanks Ned. It’s not the way forward to give ourselves a hard time for the time it has taken us to get here. Amazing how hard we can be on ourselves! Happy New Year to you and hope that 2017 is your best year yet!

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