A week’s lessons

This week I have spent some time thinking about what the daily situations, actions, and stories might be here to tell me on a deeper level. Or at least what I should get from what happens. For some reason I felt like sharing them.

I was tired, and it was the first day back at work after the holidays. I was stressed, and had tons of things to do. Overwhelmed. I just tried to get through the day.
Lesson: Take a step back, breathe, and get your priorities straight.

I postponed an important thing from Monday to Tuesday which affected my productivity.
Lesson: Don’t postpone that which clouds your energy/situation/creativity. Take the bull by it’s horn straight away, and the clouds will part, a blue soul will appear, and you will have a smoother sail.

I got an email from a broadcasting company asking me to send them an invoice, because they had aired an rerun of an episode I had written a few years ago.
Lesson: Beautiful surprises do show up.

My coach, Thaís Sky, gave me an exercise about money, and I was able to put a price tag on my ideal/dream life.
Lesson: Unless you know exactly what you want, how would you know what it takes to get there?

It was FREEZING cold here in Stockholm, and I felt a need to stay home, and not go in to the office. Around 9am my colleague called and said the office was closed.
Lesson: Trust my gut/intuition.

We spent the day refurnishing, and going through a lot of things that has been stacking up around the home. We have all felt a need to simplify things, declutter our home, and make the energy more clear.
Lesson: Declutter the home, and you will find peace.

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