The simplest question

This week I have had a little assignment. It was just a simple question, but it turned out to be more powerful than I first thought.

How can I love what I have a little more?

I took a look at different areas in my life, and asked that one question. It’s the simplest little question. Even though it’s been a busy week, and I have been rather stressed out, this one question has actually made a difference. And maybe more so since I have been a bit stressed. Of course, in retrospect I can see so many situations I wished I had had the presence to ask myself this question – just to take my ego out of the equation, you know. But that’s life, right? I’m not enlightened and buddha-ish yet (ha).

This little question made me enjoy what I have more, instead of wanting more. I need to emphasize this sentence, and repeat it so it sinks in, and so you will truly listen and hear it. What the question made me do was to enjoy what I have more, instead of wanting more. Do you know what happens in the unconscious then? I switched from a sense of lack to a sense of abundance… Huge, right?
The question might seem small, but the effect and from where I act is a total shift. You see?

So what happened during this week due to this one question? I have focused on what I can do, instead of what I wished I could do. And that, my dear, is major.


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