Setting a goal and then just releasing and see the pieces fall together. Thats clearly the plan and this week I had the fortune of seeing things drop into place.

Years ago Holly asked me in a goal group what I was aiming for, what my ambition was. I replied that it was to be filming. She immediately questioned that saying that there had been times when I was filming and that I wasn’t happy. I thought about it and realized that she was bang on the money, the last time I had been truly happy had been when I was doing a play and was part of a community. When I realized this I set an intention to create a community around the work, or within the work. A few months later I started to create Tallulah Grace and Holly started helping me shape the story. Her husband Diego then came on board and shot the 1st series. Katie came on board soon afterwards, randomly moving into my apartment and being an incredible stills photographer she began shooting all the stills, creating the design of the show. Other actors came on board the following year for season 2, make up artists and a composer. Then within the audience people started connecting to the show and each other, a community grew sometimes in the physical world and sometimes only in the virtual one. A writer found the show in the UK and wrote about it and has since become a character in the show from afar, a French cartoonist stumbled upon the show thanks to the Tallulah Bankhead vlog and offered up incredible cartoons and started to design the cookbook. A production company in Florida wrote Tallulah into their own show and submitted my SAG paperwork thereby gaining me access to the union. Through this journey the community has grown and I am so thankful, so grateful that on occasion when I lose sight myself of the goals or forget why I started in the first place I am reminded that my original intention was to create a community and that I am extremely humbled and grateful that that has indeed happened.


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