Taking that leap of faith


A week ago I launched my first ever podcast ‘Framgångar och Motgångar’ (‘Success and Setbacks’). What a ride!

I started the podcast for two reasons: First I have a dream and need to open up the industry and to start to talk about how things really are in order to shine a light on how we can make it a better place for everyone involved. Secondly, I started the podcast to try to answer a question I always get from people who want to break into the industry, you know the one, ‘How do I get in’?

Before launching the podcast I was really nervous. Before I even reached out to the people I wanted to interview I was scared, what if they wouldn’t like what I was aiming for? What if they thought it was a terrible idea? And then, would they have faith in me to pull it off?
Then, after I had done my first two interviews and the launch date came knocking on the door, and I pressed PUBLISH. I was crazy nervous … What would people think of me? What if I would fail?

I just had to trust my gut, and take that leap of faith that I have pushed myself towards. During the premiere week the podcast had over 850 listeners, and both me and my guests have received thank you notes and messages from listeners for making this podcast. I’ve been teary eyed, and happy to the moon and back, because it actually made a difference in people’s lives. And for that I am truly thankful.


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