I actually said a few times this week that I’m living my dream life. When a friend had mentioned that to me months ago as we walked through Paramount (my favorite studio in the whole world and where I visualize in a serious way Feathers and Toast shooting one day) I had smiled and agreed but not really felt it in my heart but this week I did. Work things are coming together in a bigger, faster way than I could have ever dreamt and I am walking around grinning  a lot. When I look at my diary for the next couple of weeks the days are filled with words like ‘shoot’, ‘photoshoot’, ‘meeting with network’ and ‘shooting pilot’….all the wonderful, exciting intense words that a few months ago, a few weeks ago, I would have thought would maybe, perhaps, come to play in a far off time. But two weeks ago I started a serious practice of gratitude and simply focusing on the good things I have already in my life and not spending time in fear staring at the negatives. I refused to indulge the what ifs…or if it came into my mind I focused on words one of my brothers said once, ‘what if the best thing happened…not the worst thing’.

Read: amazingly insightful blog piece about advice for entrepreneurs when someone said: dream big, massive dreams. Nobody will ever know what you’re dreaming so go for it. Don’t hold back.

So darling, here’s to not limiting ourselves with small, complicated dreams that we only half believe in, but heres to big, wild, massive dreams and holding onto lashings of gratitude and wild abandon in faith and hope that they will come true.



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