Another door will open

It was a warm August morning in 2014 when me and Mhairi scribbled down words, quotes, and principles in our note books at Toast Bakery Cafe on the corner of 3rd street and S Harper ave in Los Angeles. This was the whole reason why we wanted to do the bead movement every morning. We wanted to […]

Can we trust our feelings?

I had a conversation with a friend the other day about instincts, and trusting our gut when it comes to making decisions. She said those feelings can’t be fully trusted. She thought that sometimes she needs to go with her gut instincts, but at other times she can’t because they will lead her astray. If this […]


I’ve been practicing yoga for over 16 years and the headstand has been a pose which has always made me a little frightened. I have had this fear of my neck snapping if I don’t get my hands in the exact right place to cradle my head. This past year or so I have been […]

One week commitment

When we started The Bead Movement, we instantly dove right into making every day matter, but lately I have had a nagging feeling that I have somehow failed to ’live the best life I possibly can’ EVERY day. Either I get in a spin of anxious thoughts of ’why did I do or say that?’, […]

All you need is love

Last summer when Johanna and I began this journey together with the beads we simply began. We took our first few steps and had no idea what might happen as a result of popping a bead in a jar every day. We simply had the intention to ensure that we valued everyday that we have […]

Johanna’s Week 14

Week 14 – Health scare part 2 (I got the results, 100% healthy) It was an early Monday morning when I went to the Oncology Department at the hospital for a biopsy. Having friends who suffer and recover from cancer have made this brutal illness present in my life, but as with everything else – […]

Johanna’s Week 11

FAITH For the past five or so years, since I started to make a living as a writer, I have lived a life as if I was blindfolded; not knowing at all what the future has in store for me. As a writer I put words together in sentences, creating stories from a blank sheet […]

Mhairi’s Week Ten

Let it come to you. Listen: Sometimes I find it hard to realize that I don’t need to keep pushing something in order for it to happen anyway. Not sure if that’s from a place of insecurity or lack of trust in life that the road will come upto meet me. But the bottom […]