The point of being sick


BAM! It hits you. A fever kicks in and all you can do is drink, eat and sleep. On repeat.

The stress enters, and you think of all the things you need to do at work; what to write and read, who to call, and where to go.

Then boredom comes and says Hello, and you start to think about all the things you could do if you only felt better.

Ease knocks on the door, and you look around your house and you see all the things that needs to be taken care of; vacuuming, dusting, the dishes… but the thing is, you’re sick so you don’t really need to do any of them.

The love you feel when your man comes home and makes you lunch and bring little gestures of sweetness.

The frustration attacks when you realize that you will miss that lovely date with your man at the spa.

The pure joy that reach every inch of your body when it hits you that you are just battling a common fever, and that you’ll be fine in a few days or a week.

The calm that settles when accepting the fact; ‘what are a few days in a lifetime?’. There is no need to rush things, that all you can do is rest. Contemplate the small things that happen. How the sun moves across the sky, how the light catches my man’s smile, or how the kids laughter reaches every corner of the house. To simply enjoy the moments. Here and now. In full presence. The mere being of not pushing anything forward, but simply to surrender in the situation. To let go of all things you thought you should do. To be okay with not being productive. To realize that this was actually what I needed. To Stop, and be happy about the small stuff. To let go, and accept.

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