Being Still in the unknown

I feel this week I’ve turned a corner within my own mind with regards to fear. Making time in the morning to meditate, do yoga and basically start with a clean, clear slate is really having a profound affect. My mental habits have started to shift, where I would often feel anxious when I thought […]



This week my brother Jamie posted an article on Facebook which talked about the modern epidemic of being busy. It was really interesting and something I’ve been thinking a lot about in the past few months. The article talks about the fact that often times when you ask someone how they are they will reply with […]


Did it

Somehow, despite never having rehearsed the whole show and never having done it before with lights and costumes, We Did It. There really is something to that saying of don’t overthink it simply do it, that when the chips are down one really does have two choices, either sinking or swimming and despite not being […]

Escapeas and all sorts

Being a mime I tend to think I have a good ability to master my own physical self. So spilling half a packet of frozen organic peas all over the floor was a little bit of a surprise to me to be honest. Not that I am above spillages and things but they are not […]


Mhairi’s week 13

The one thing you can rely on is that change is inevitable. It seems that this is the one constant in life that is really tricky to get used to, to be honest. Just when something can feel solid, something shifts. For me I think the key is to be strong in my center and […]


Mhairi’s week 12

Recently when I was on a hike up a canyon I watched a hawk circulate. Being a mime and having studied the nuance of animal movements in Paris I began to imitate the birds flight. The first thing I noticed was its incredibly focus; a tiny shift of a wing determines the direction and the […]

bead main Jpeg

Mhairi’s Week Two

So, this week was a week of confronting things that I normally don’t like to think about. I tell you it was as if I was cleaning out a drawer. Things began to shift and I felt clearer headed and although I haven’t quite reached nirvana, things are shifting towards me actually being in charge […]