Mhairi’s week 15

I think pre beads I was in a habit of relinquishing certain aspects of my life quite quickly and melding into someone else’s if I’m perfectly honest. Spending a lot of time on supposition, when trying to understand a certain situation instead of simplifying and just seeing what is actually on my plate and not what is on the imaginary side lines of my life.  Basically I think if I can see whats actually on my plate for this very 60 seconds and not have my head in the future or past anxieties then I should be Happy as Larry. I want to spend less time looking like this to be honest:


Having the daily discipline of setting an intention consisentently brings me back to my core beliefs and to whats going on for me. I can be tossed by emotions but I can also bring myself back quicker to my center and not spend so much time out in the weeds.  I can see quicker the consequences of whats going on around me and how its making me feel. If its something that isn’t serving me then I am aware of it and can release it;  instead of mentally grappling with it for days or weeks.

I guess so much of  ones mental state can be taken up by thinking and wondering what other peoples motives and thoughts are when basically darling one should keep ones own eyes on ones own path and bang on and do it. Until someone/something else actually demands more of a response from you why spend the time lost in a foggy world of conjecture?

bead main photo



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