I’m glad you’re back


This is the last week of acceptance as a theme and it has been quite a serious journey to be frank. I’ve realized how challenging it is to accept without judgement where you are. We live within such defined parameters that to keep ones own head focused on ones own path and not be swayed by what one feels by society that one ought to have achieved by now is no mean feat. I’d say that coming out of the month by force of having had to take stock and sit in the uncomfortable not knowing-ness I have met myself again. Basically as a result of letting go and accepting that I am a little lost right now, and that feels very uncomfortable. I normally have some kind of structure in place on which to hang my hat. I have connected to who I really am in all this maelstrom of activity which is incredible. It reminds me of my dear friend Sadie’s song I’m glad you’re back¬†which I had always thought was about a long lost lover but in fact Sadie said its about re-finding yourself. So there we go, out of this month with finding myself again, thanks to a lot of lying under trees and a lot of tears. May May bring another chapter, perhaps featuring a hammock and a lemonade.


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