Home is a word which is related to a sanskrit word meaning safe dwelling. With so many people moving around the world right now as refugees of war or economy or environment I’m aware of the increasing luxury of home. Of being able to be completely safe and looked after and recharged. Of being surrounded by love and having familiar things to look at and to sleep in. Of stopping, letting go and not washing your hair for days on end, should you feel like it. I can retreat like an animal does when needing to refuel or recover. So incredibly grateful for the opportunity to take real time out and see what’s happening, a birds eye view of my life which is impossible to do when in the thick of things. As I come to the end of my 2 weeks at home I feel I have reconnected to myself, to my core beliefs and values and remembered who I am again. So easy to lose oneself in simply reacting to events in life rather than to be able to stop, reflect and re-imagine the blue print for the next step in life. That’s it. Nothing more to add except for the immense gratitude for my home and for the fervent prayer that home does not remain an elusive dream for so many but that we can all have a place to retreat to in order to replenish before going back out there.



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  • Michele Morrison May 16, 2016 Reply

    Beautifully said, heartfelt and compassionate. Amen.

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