Stand II


This month’s word ‘Stand’ happened to be amazingly well suited for this week. I have pushed myself over the edge of my comfort zone professionally as well as personally. I have let go of the old belief that I need to take care of everything myself, and accepted that I want and need others to live my life the way I want to. It might sound like the most obvious statement of them all, but for me who due to traumas, setbacks and what not built walls to protect myself from hurt – this is a completely new way of living.

I have opened up my heart completely, I stand in everyday vulnerability, and I trust that whatever happens is meant to come my way. The other day during yoga I was standing in the warrior pose pressing my chest forward open to attack, and I realized that that was the way of living from now on. That I want to  live bravely, take courageous actions, and in that be truly interdependent. That I deeply want and need to live fully rather than safe, and if I fail, I know I can stand up and try again tomorrow.

Love, Johanna

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