Still Standing


I read a very helpful blog a few years ago about how to be successful in business. It stated that you should give to your community before you ask of it.Basically thats a very good way to go about all things in life; a little like listening first before talking. It seems common sense and in some instances we are forced into doing this; when I moved to Paris my French wasn’t fluent so by default I was in a position of listening a lot before I could utter a little moi aussi at the end of someone else’s sentence.

Today I spent 4 hours standing and 2 hours driving to help out in a booth for a film festival in a beach town here in California. I had screened my show at the festival last year and wanted to support the event. I did question the sanity of that decision today as I raced through a morning meeting, flew down the 405 and barely had time for a smoothie before standing questioning the passing public if they wanted free tickets to the festival in October.

As the hours wore on and my feet began to ache I realized,as I was talking to the 2 students who were also giving up their holiday weekend, why I was there. For the sense of community, for the listening, for the supporting and for the giving before asking. Thats what stand has meant for me this week. To demonstrate what I talk about and feel passionately about. Its amazing how fast I can spin into simply being in my own life but that when I take a moment to be of service its when my heart is reminded of who I really am. And there we go a little poetic and philosophical on this holiday weekend, but thats how I occasionally roll. Happy Standing still and strong weekend.


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  • Michele May 24, 2015 Reply

    Well said. You are always generous with your time. God bless you. x

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