This past month I have helped a dear friend move out of his apartment in LA. He is in London and so basically I had to clear the entire apartment and either sell or trash everything in 6 days. It was a huge endeavor-especially as I was extremely jetlagged and suffering from a debilitating groin injury- but I did it. Every single last thing. In fact so zealous was I that I even threw out the wooden chopping block which now turns out belonged to the apartment and which should have been left.

Over the past few weeks I have sent on mail which I had to collect back at the apartment and my friends ex wife (who I have never met) asked me to give the modem back to Time Warner this past week. She is extremely thankful and gracious and offered to pay me back for the cost of mailing her mail. I thanked her for her offer and said that ever since hearing the sentence last year that we are all just walking each other home I try to do that as much as I can in my life. People have been extremely kind to me in my life, ranging from a total stranger allowing me to live with her in an incredible 4 floor apartment on Egyptian high thread count cotton sheets even with a terrace in the center of London for free to lunch from a friend when I’ve been feeling blue. So I am grateful I was able to help my friend and his ex wife out and that is the reason why I do; to live by we are all just walking each other home.

A few minutes after I emailed this to his ex wife I was drying my hair and reading an Amnesty magazine which was reporting on Yemen and the dire situation there. Its horrific and relentless what some people are enduring right now. Words don’t seem to be able to do justice to the horrors around the world. I thought about what I had done for my friend and thought that that is my retaliation to the destruction and death around the world, upping my kindness ante. Its a bit like when theres a disaster and someone says I’ll be hugging my children more tonight. Its the same thing. The more the world suffers the more I believe we need to take even better care of the people crossing our paths, be kinder, more tolerant and then it does come true; love will conquer hate. We are empowered to make a difference in our own lives. Its very easy to feel overwhelmed and despondent but charity begins at home. Be the change you want to see in the world starts right here with my 5 foot 3 self.

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