Return IV

I bought a new book the other week, it’s called ’Do one thing every day that scares you – a journal’. Every day for 365 days you get a little note, quote and an exercise on how to meet your fears on a daily basis. I fell in love with the book the day I saw it, and after I started to use it I’m all in.

All of us are afraid of things. I used to avoid a whole bunch of stuff – situations, conflicts, relationships, goals, dreams, decisions, you name it because of my fears. One day I ’woke up’, and realized that I will never reach my dreams if I continue the same route. That famous quote is Oh so true, ’If you want something you never had, you have to do something you’ve never done’… So I started to meet my fears, and tackle them head on. At the beginning I thought I’d be cured in six months, naive I know… Now I realize it will be a continuous path in order to keep live the life I desire. This book was just what I needed.

Before this book, I could postpone a call just because I could smell a conflict or because I knew I had to face a fear. Because of the daily exercise from the book I go looking for fears to face or situations to tackle. It has become that one thing I need to check off every day, which has turned my fear busting into a scavenger hunt. All of a sudden it’s like this game I need to play, and every day a get a high from it. From the scary bit (nervousness, anxiety, stress etc) to the sense of ease, happiness and joy when I’ve faced what I decided to face.

This is part of a return to my true self. I peal off layer after layer of inherited, learned, and experienced fears in order to be the essence of what I was born to be.

Happy pealing off fears!

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