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Yesterday I did a very deep backbend in yoga, the deepest I have ever gone in the pose. When I got home I looked up what the significance of that was. Backbends are very vulnerable poses. Usually we protect our heart and front body, even leaning forward a little, hunching shoulders over. To expose your front body totally as you draw your hands back behind you shows a willingness to be completely vulnerable.  You are totally exposed, open.

By opening your front body you demonstrate a willingness to be in the world, to feel, to be hurt, to be ecstatic. It is vital to be connected to the world and in backbends you open yourself up to a connection with the world. The more vulnerable you allow yourself to be the more connected you are, which enables you to listen and respond to what is happening in the moment.  (Moving Towards Balance by Rodney Yee and Nina Zolotow)

For me it becomes possible to be this vulnerable only when you have developed a strong faith, knowing that its OK to be this open. The floor will be there if you fall.

IMG_5962 (1)

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