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I spent today at a golf club, it was my first day of my 2-days beginner’s golf training. We were trying to swing our clubs so the ball would fly high over a bunker and land perfectly on the green. Some shots were good and just as many were bad, until the instructor took a look at me. Apparently I was putting to much weight on my right leg and by that leaning back when I should be leaning a bit forward. It was rather an uncomfortable adjustment. Leaning forward while swinging the club somehow didn’t feel right.

And so I wondered, am I just doing this when golfing, or is there a greater lesson to be learned here? Yep, you are right, there was a lesson to learn! I can at times be a bit rigid when it comes to changes, and I sometimes need a minute to come to an easy decision. I need to think about things before I answer, I guess that’s why I am better off writing instead of speaking. I also have had a bad habit (that I am definitely trying to fight off) which at times makes me say no before I say yes. I dislike it tremendously, because it makes the person asking feel disregarded, rejected or disrespected.

So as I was trying to lean forward in the swing, I noticed how uncomfortable it felt in the beginning. And right then and there I realized that not all good things come easy and effortless. Once in a while a decision, choice, new habit, experience or situation will feel uncomfortable – just because they are new. Not because they aren’t right. And once you get accustomed to it, it’s just like riding the bike. Easy and effortless. So don’t escape the uncomfortable, sometimes one has to push through!

Happy golfing Sunday!

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