The 3 rats


So listening has taken a deeper turn this week. For the first time in 16 years of having a cell phone my phone broke. For hours I trouble-shot to no avail with Verizon on the phone, downloading programs on my computer, adding storage saving photographs and a myriad of other time consuming things which meant I couldn’t work all afternoon as my computer was being controlled by Verizon HQ who were trying everything in the book. Eventually after being disconnected for the 4th time and listening to their telephone options for the 5th time I was tipped over the edge and drove furiously to the nearest Verizon store. In 5 minutes they told me I needed a new phone that the button on the home screen was totally broken, that despite having insurance I would still be liable for $200.

The next night I saw 3 rats. Rats are my arch enemy in life. I have a phobia beyond belief about them. Sitting on a patio pre early supper at very new friends house on Wed night seeing a rat run down the terrace I felt I could’t make a sound as I didn’t want to offend my hosts. Screaming about their vermin didn’t seem like the polite thing to do. So I kept silent until a few minutes later we all saw another one. Driving home, turning left onto my street I saw a rat dart underneath a parked car.Which meant I had to drive around further away from my house to park and then walk down the middle of the street making as much noise as possible to get home. Its means that I can barely stand walking back to my car during the hours of nightfall and throwing my trash in the communal bins just now made my toes curl out of fear of what maybe lurking beneath the metal locked bins. I have lived here 3 years and never before seen a rat. I saw one the very same night I saw 2 others.  I did see a possum once which wasn’t pleasant but this was the first ever rat. That can’t be a coincidence.

Listening to the signs and reading whats happening around me. So I think the significance of the phone was I need to take a step back, stop being so available to everyone else for a moment and to spend some time on my own. A near impossibility these recent weeks due to family concerns, friends from out of town visiting and a heavy work load. The rats I feel signify literally feeling overrun and inundated.

So tonight I have listened. I’m making myself my favorite dinner, turned down 2 invitations to go out and am listening to French music and dancing in my kitchen. I think thats what the phone and rats were trying to tell me to do. Will keep you posted.


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