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I have had an amazingly productive week, and I have no idea whether it’s because of my three day juice cleanse, my 3 weeks of vacation or that I am in a better work mode. It might have something to do with us finally coming to an end of unpacking after the move, and that I am back to my old self (i.e. routines and habits etc) which of course add to the increasing energy levels…

But the thing is, I have had this mantra on repeat in my mind the whole week. For some reason I stumbled upon personal development coach, Hal Elrod, and found his podcast. One of his first episodes (#5) in the series about ‘Achieving your goals’ is about self discipline, and he uses this mantra as a shortcut to self discipline – and I must say it works.

The mantra is ‘Do what’s right, not what’s easy’, and you can apply that to everything in your life, as soon as you wake up. No more snoozing in the morning – ‘get up and do what’s right, not what’s easy’. I have never in my life procrastinated this little. The mantra keeps banging on in my head during the whole day, like there is no time to waste. It makes it so perfectly clear, this is the only time I have. The Bead Movement together with this mantra is like the best dose for happiness one can possibly get on the market!

Either head over to find the podcast or just simply get started – DO WHAT’S RIGHT, not what’s easy!
Happy Sunday wishes!

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