A year ago I read a book by Deepak Chopra on interconnectedness and oneness. His perspective is that nothing happens randomly in our world; there is no mere chance or luck involved in the unfolding of our lives. His view is that everything fits together in a perfect and divine order. The essence can be found in the word coincidence, which stems from the word co-incide that means two things/events that fit/fall perfectly together. I absolutely believe life is a series of chain events unfolding for a good reason. Some events may at first be tough, or even turn out to be the darkest moments of your life, but they are happening for a grander reason.

This week was a bit challenging when it came to electrical issues. First, the right earbud of my Iphone headset went silent. A few days later I dropped my Iphone while biking, the screen cracked and the speaker went silent. Because I live by the notion that everything happens for a reason, and that whatever happens in life is a lesson to learn or a sign to interpret, I tried to figure out the message.

Right now in life, as I have written about before, I am taking on new challenges work wise. It continually tests my faith and trust in that everything will work out for the best and that I am on the right path. After my weekly call with Mhairi I figured out the message. The breakdown of the right earbud, the cracked cellphone screen, and the broken cellphone speaker all fit together in one clear message! The seemingly separate incidents co-incided to tell me to stop listening to what other people say and do, and just listen to my own intuition and to follow my own path (i.e have faith and trust).

Someone else might think this sounds absolutely bizarre, but I think it is the most natural way of viewing life. To look for and to interpret signs is how people survived through history. Nowadays we believe in technology and base our decisions on fear. Fear feed fear, it creates war and makes us think we are separate, when we in fact are one people who have the opportunity to reconnect to the incredible power we have within us. I could have chosen to just be angry at the situation, but then I would have lost the beautiful insight and never gotten the message I actually needed. Every day is filled with symbols, signs and lessons, and it is up to us to choose to see, listen and interpret them. We just need to be open enough to see them.

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