The right choice

I have had an amazingly productive week, and I have no idea whether it’s because of my three day juice cleanse, my 3 weeks of vacation or that I am in a better work mode. It might have something to do with us finally coming to an end of unpacking after the move, and that […]


Trust the Process

I have just started to work on a project that pushes me way out of my comfort zone. It pulls the fear of failure to the surface, at times it makes me doubt my talent and leaves me with sweaty hands and a trembling heart. I have more than once got a slight anxiety attack […]

Sitges, Spain

Johanna’s Week 15

Health scare part 3 (Got the results – 100% healthy) And so I waited, uneasy and nervous, for the results of last week’s biopsy. The question of being sick or not was on repeat in my head. When I finally got the results that I didn’t have cancer a chock wave of relief went through […]


Johanna’s Week 14

Week 14 – Health scare part 2 (I got the results, 100% healthy) It was an early Monday morning when I went to the Oncology Department at the hospital for a biopsy. Having friends who suffer and recover from cancer have made this brutal illness present in my life, but as with everything else – […]


Johanna’s Week 13

Strong – Health Scare Part 1 (I got the results, 100% healthy) The word ‘Strong’ came up with one of the beads Tuesday morning, and it couldn’t have been more appropriate. I don’t know when, but at least a few months ago, I discovered a lump in my throat. It’s not visible, but obvious when […]


Johanna’s Week 12

Home Every time I go home to my mother’s place in the South, something within me calms down. It’s in the heart of my soul. It’s something in the earth, the wind, and the water. It makes me go quiet, it stops me. It puts me on mute, and it makes me listen to that […]


Johanna’s Week 11

FAITH For the past five or so years, since I started to make a living as a writer, I have lived a life as if I was blindfolded; not knowing at all what the future has in store for me. As a writer I put words together in sentences, creating stories from a blank sheet […]

The Bead Movement

Johanna buying her beads

July 15 was the day Mhairi and I drove downtown Los Angeles to the Fashion District to go bead hunting. Almost immediately after we entered the first bead store I felt a bit overwhelmed and dizzy. First I thought it was because of the heat, so I kept drinking water to hydrate. But then I […]

The Bead Movement

Johanna’s Decision

Some people react to this project as a bit morbid. ’Do I really want to see my days run out?!’ For me it couldn’t be further away from death, this is an action FOR life. Personally I know all too well that life is fragile; that life in an instant can turn your world upside down, […]