A year ago I read a book by Deepak Chopra on interconnectedness and oneness. His perspective is that nothing happens randomly in our world; there is no mere chance or luck involved in the unfolding of our lives. His view is that everything fits together in a perfect and divine order. The essence can be […]

Thanksgiving Gratitude

Spending the past few months thinking of an intention each morning with grateful being a word which crops up regularly has massively impacted the way I considered the Thanksgiving holiday this year. Growing up with an American mother in the Scottish highlands who marked the occasion every year with as much turkey panache as befits […]

Mhairi’s Week 8

The Week of my Birthday brought about contemplation for the year gone by and what I would like to bring into my new year. It’s a bit like the shedding of a skin, leaving a year behind and going straight into another.  I once heard an analogy about a car in a garage. In order […]

Mhairi’s Week Seven

Despite my being on the serious alert for all things significant and deep, I failed to think for a moment what the meaning of the pearl was; beyond what it meant to me personally. When I had been shopping for the beads with Johanna I had spotted the pearls and was compelled straight away to […]

Johanna’s Week Four

It was a Sunday morning. I knew I had a smile on my face before I could feel it. Before opening my eyes, I knew they were excited and curious for a brand new day. I felt a gentle breeze from the open window, a touch of fresh air, like right after a wonderful morning […]

Johanna buying her beads

July 15 was the day Mhairi and I drove downtown Los Angeles to the Fashion District to go bead hunting. Almost immediately after we entered the first bead store I felt a bit overwhelmed and dizzy. First I thought it was because of the heat, so I kept drinking water to hydrate. But then I […]