Kindness IV – stop


Last weekend I got two blisters on a finger. Thought nothing of it more than I must have catched them while doing some work at the summer house. A day later I got one more, in the hand this time. A couple of days later three more on the fingers. They were getting bigger, and they spread. Being a freelance writer I was started to get worried about my hand. If it would get worse, it could get damage. On Wednesday it was quite bad and I went to the ER in a small Finnish town up north. They took some tests and I left with antibiotics, and advice – I was to do nothing with the hand as I should keep it away from bacterias. I said Thank You, and left all the food prepping, dish washing and everything else to the boys. I was on vacation mode.

I set out to spend the vacation lingering, exploring, collecting impulses, inspiration and feelings so when August came I could start making plans. Funny thing is that while in Finland I started to jolt down ideas for my business, stories, and jumped into pre planning. And that’s when the blisters showed up in my right hand. It was only my right hand that was affected. Funny. Right hand is the hand we use to shake hands over making decisions and deals, it’s how we show which direction to go towards. It’s the action hand…

I went back to reading, and doing nothing. It’s hard to let go and just be in the moment for days in a row, isn’t it? Especially when the last six months have been about moving things forward. My mind just kept on behaving in the same way despite having vacation. The importance of letting your mind and soul rest became highlighted by this, to let the productivity and effectiveness of my life and business fly out the window. Things are growing and changing within me, I still don’t completely know what/how/when, but there is slight irritation when I don’t get the freedom to explore, dig deep and turn within to find out. My body and soul calls for it, and I need to listen.

So, the blisters are hopefully on their way to heal as I am listening, lingering, exploring, digging deep and being still. Is there something you aren’t listening to?


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