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When we started The Bead Movement, we instantly dove right into making every day matter, but lately I have had a nagging feeling that I have somehow failed to ’live the best life I possibly can’ EVERY day. Either I get in a spin of anxious thoughts of ’why did I do or say that?’, letting the stress get the best of me which makes me make bad or impulsive decisions, or not daring to make the really, really good ones. Every day I seem to find myself in a mood of regret, not a major one, but small ones that make me question my actions. Could I have done more today? Could I have made things differently? Why did I let my fears of this or that control my actions? All of which eventually when time pass by makes an even greater impact on my life, and not the amazingly positive one I wanted.

Last weekend I made a decision to do something about it. This week I would live every day expecting the best (releasing all worries, fears and anxieties). I choose to regret nothing. I wanted this week to be about doing good, make the loving decisions, and always be kind. I decided that if I would start to feel fearful about something, I would do it anyway while having complete faith that it would sort itself out in the process. All because I thought that if I am brave enough, I would find greater happiness. I knew that I would need a constant reminder, so I put the daily bead on a bracelet so there was no escape.

It’s been an absolutely great week, nowhere near perfect, but I took a major step forward and committed more fully to life and all that comes with it. I learnt that if I am fully present in the moment I would be guided. Since I chose to believe that everything fits perfectly together, that we are one, and that there is a divine order, I would be taken care of.

So why did I just commit to ONE week? Because it was so much easier to risk one week of potential failure, than not risking anything at all. I read an article about mini habits recently, which basically is something like what I did. Instead of trying to change one big habit, say eating better, one can start by eating one more veggie a day. When one commits to do one more mini habit one eventually changes the big habit. So that’s why I just chose one week. It was just easier, and after all we more often choose what’s comfortable over the most rewarding.

This week I have taken daily leaps of faith, I’ve stood face to face with my fears and chose to jump anyway. I’ve leaned into the knowing that someone or something has my back, I’ve been more vulnerable, open and wholehearted in all my interactions. I have lived my purpose, and I feel a contentment I haven’t felt in a long time. I have decided that I trust that I have done what I was supposed to do.

So here we go, I am committing to yet another week of wholehearted faith.

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