Animal Instinct


I woke at my usual time of around 7am on Wednesday morning and thought immediately about the street signs I had been vaguely aware of around where I live saying that you couldn’t park certain days from 6am-6pm for road maintenance. I couldn’t really remember which days and which streets but went outside dressed but barefoot. I looked down my street. Totally deserted except for 2 city street maintenance vehicles and my Prius. I dashed across the street barefoot drove my Prius to safety and away from the clutches of the towing company who were about to take my car to some far flung car yard somewhere deep in the 110 degree Valley. As I walked home a worker shouted out how lucky I was. I know I laughed, phew and went inside.

All day I thought how lucky I seriously was not to be forced into coercing a friend to drive me to some car yard where I would have had to pay around $500 for the retrieval of my vehicle. So so grateful. somehow intuition had kicked in. It was as though I lived the day through a parallel sliding doors movie filter. Each moment I was in yoga, having lunch, watching a TV show, working,  I felt profoundly grateful that I was here and not sweating it out somewhere spending a fortune and feeling as sick as a dog.

Not sure what exactly is my point with this blog or what the relevance is with interconnectedness except that I felt connected I guess to the danger. when I was in the kitchen before I went outside I heard the heavy duty trucks which made me think that work was about to get started and propelled me outside sooner than I may have gotten there.

Having the senses heightened perhaps through a need to ‘read the signs’ (although not the ability to read the street signs well enough it seems)  and be aware of my surroundings and having meerkat type look out abilities all contributed to my lucky escape.  I guess it is an animal instinct of sorts . I read once that you need to sharpen your tools, be alive, be poised, be ready to pounce, to act. Don’t sit back and react. Be forward footed and ready to propose something.

I’ll leave you with my favorite quote of the week from fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi: “Yes you can wear animal prints with other patterns. Its a jungle out there”


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