Joie de vivre


My grandmother turned 92 this week and we took a boat across the Pacific for an hour to Catalina Island and immediately leapt into a golf cart and zipped up and down the canyons. I didn’t think to ask the rental people if there was a height restriction with the carts. So it wasn’t until we were strapped in that my 5 foot 3 self realized that it was challenging to reach the accelerator. My grandmother laughed saying that we were put putting along. She even offered to put her foot on top of mine on the peddle. We got totally lost in their one way mountainous system and had to stop several times to be directed by locals. We finally arrived swinging back into town and then had a glass of wine and dinner, ice cream on the beach and then boarded the boat back. We sat in the front of the ship and were buffeted as we rode the high seas and watched the sun setting. It was beautiful. My grandmothers attitude of lets just do it is something I hope has taken root in my heart so that if I’m fortunate enough to make it to 92 I can drive around an island free as a bird laughing the whole put putting way.

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