Lesson two, what growth means


I always thought that in order for me to live the life I truly desired I needed to attain new qualities, knowledge and skills. That I needed to grow into someone I wasn’t already. Grow as in acquire new characteristics and skills.

One of the most potent lessons, as I look through these two years of Bead Movement blogging, is that the opposite is true. My search for happiness, joy, balance and fulfillment has lead me to strip myself off what no longer serves me. This two year process has in many ways been about peeling off the layers, getting to the core of who I am and what I want to reveal my inner authentic self. To let that person come out into the light and to shine. I am not there yet, but to continue to peel off layers of fear, insecurities, learnt behaviors, expected thought patterns etc has taken me a leap forward on this journey to live a life of fulfillment on a daily basis.

Never before have I been so determined to peel off those layers, stop making excuses for myself, and to stop hiding my real authentic self. We are here to be lights, so let’s shine!

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