Last night I had dinner with a friend who told me about Steven Speilberg saying that your life purpose is often actually found through a whisper rather than a loud voice telling you where you should be going. That things are more gradual. I love that idea as where I am right now isn’ necessarily […]


Breaking Habits

I’m teaching a 6 week movement class at the moment and in preparation for each class am reading massive amounts on movement and all sorts. I was reading about how challenging it can be for a student to start moving in a different way than they are used to; especially when in my case, some […]


Taking responsibility

I am reading “Goals!” by Brian Tracy at the moment, and in one of his chapters he writes about the courage to take complete responsibility for one’s life. When I read those words I had a flashback to a day a few years back when this very fact dawned on me. I had been working in […]



This week I read a book, ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’ by David J Schwartz. He speaks of the difference between the successful and the not so successful people. It all boils down to one basic difference; the limiting belief of what’s possible for oneself. Haven’t we all been there, putting off things or playing […]

Just do it

This month our theme is DO which is easier said than done. Sometimes the little words can trip one up the most I find. Not over thinking or qualifying something just being confident that it is the right thing and doing it. I am feeling my fear and doing it anyway this week as I […]

Honesty and things

Eye test. I am so squeamish that an eye test was certainly not on my to do list while on holiday in Scotland, but due to recent streaming eyes and bright lights causing me to stare down at my feet I was forced into testing and seeing whats what. I, like most people, have a […]


Mhairi’s Week Ten

Let it come to you. Listen: Sometimes I find it hard to realize that I don’t need to keep pushing something in order for it to happen anyway. Not sure if that’s from a place of insecurity or lack of trust in life that the road will come upto meet me. But the bottom […]

beads week 3

Mhairi’s Week Three

Sometimes I have used words such as brave and courageous without really knowing what they meant in a day-to-day scenario. It’s a good thing to think of the big picture, of Joan of arc and what she did but how does that translate for me now? I’ve often thought that should I be required to […]


Johanna’s Week Three

Last week’s sense of nirvana called for action. There was this one thing that kept coming back to me. Over and over again. I couldn’t dodge the bullet. “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.” That is number one on Bronnie Ware’s […]