The Return


So we have both literally returned from time at home in May and my personal mission in June is to return to my core beliefs to my imagination, to my dreams and aspirations for myself and my life. With holding the managing and planning part of my mind at bay until July I want to spend June in my wildest imagination with my life. Drawing up the blueprint of how I want to live. Allowing myself to dream, to fill the book I bought myself for the process with as many quotes, pictures, ideas and thoughts as possible. To really listen to what I am being shown and told, through things people may say or things that jump out at me from an article or a film. So my return is to the drawing board, to myself to get really crystal clear on things before I make a move.

So often we can just go with the flow and not be sure of anymore where we are wanting to head. Well the buck stops here and this is the month I get clear on my destination so that in July I can plan the ship and program the coordinates for safe arrival. No more maroonings on odd desert islands with the possibility of rats and such, I’m heading for my dream.

And with that darling I shall pick up my colored pencils and bang on with it.


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