My producing partner Holly had told me a couple of years ago about a rockstar who had said that now looking back on his life he could see that every single thing happened at the right moment, the right time, even though at the time it didn’t feel like it. I’ve loved thinking about that as so often it can feel frustratingly slow at dreams happening and such but the level of detail involved in ones life which can seem insignificant at the time can lead to great things.

For example, I had a birthday party years ago and had just shot a movie, I invited a lot of the cast and one of the actors gave me a CD of Jewel which I listened to and loved. Last week I went to the library here looking for one particular book which despite being in the library nobody could locate. I was perusing the other new arrivals and came across Jewel’s memoire, Never Broken. I took it out and it is incredible. She has gone through so much in her life and her poetic wisdom is exactly what I need to read right now. Lying on the couch every night and reading it she is inspiring, thoughtful and extremely wise. How a birthday present 10 years ago given to me by a friend who I’ve lost touch with completely led me to a book on my couch to read during a life changing time is remarkable. Its like the book All because a little bug went achoooooooo!

So there we go. I find peace in knowing that. That everything has a reason, a purpose, whether you see it now or in 10 years. Whether the thing itself is the gift or whether it is a stepping stone to the gift. Its reassuring. It feels like a real tapestry of life. Its OK, lie back in the hammock, you’re being held.


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  • Michele Morrison June 26, 2016 Reply

    A quote from the Bible about God: ‘and underneath are the everlasting arms.’ He is always there.

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