The Best is Yet to come


Letting go is something that Johanna and I have talked at at length throughout the past 2 years. Its an oft mentioned thing one should try to do at all costs. For me it has on occasion seemed elusive though, what does that actually mean? Surely its not simply a question of sitting on the couch and letting go of responsibilities.In my life I tend to really go for things and keep going but today I read of the difference between going for it and slogging it out, and I feel I have been doing the latter recently.

Today I have been faced with another unknown; of where to live, where to move, what to do…coming up in the next couple of months. My initial reaction is to panic and grab onto a solution which may or may not be the best option at hand but I want to feel secure so I want something I can hold onto.

Well it seems that an option I was trying to hold onto is no longer available so I am facing a real unknown shortly. I feel a real sense of peace though, a sense that something better is coming. I refuse to go down with the ship of fear and dread. I will not be overcome with a sense of loss but instead let go, keep quiet, keep prayerful and know with real certainty that the best is yet to come.


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