This week has been manic as per usual but Thursday night tailspinned a little more so than usual. I had driven down to Seal Beach to visit my grandmother for dinner which had meant 3 hours in traffic despite leaving at 3pm to drive the 35 miles South. When I arrived I immediately put in a load of wash, as I do both of our laundry when I’m there, before heading out to dinner. We had a lovely relaxing dinner talking all things love, feathers and ice cream and then stopped at Target to get some supplies before heading back to her house. I was looking forward to an early night post NYC trip which I had just arrived back in LA from.

At 8.30 my manager called and told me I was very close to being booked for a day on a huge movie on Monday (1st I had heard of it) could I do it? Yes of course I said which meant then I had to rearrange a recording session already booked for a TV show for Monday….which meant I had to write the TV script immediately and try to record it on Friday incase I do book the movie on Monday.

My laundry was spinning as I downloaded the TV episode, madly also trying to message my sound engineer to see if he could record me Friday afternoon instead of Monday. In my haste I downloaded the wrong episode which meant I had to wait another 45 mins to download the correct one before I could begin writing the script (usually a 3-4 hour endeavor) I sat on the couch at my grandmothers not knowing what to do. I couldn’t drive home right now as my bedsheets were in a spin and couldn’t wait until Friday as traffic would hold me up for the whole morning.

No, my sound engineer couldn’t record me the next day. Impossible. He was booked all day.Ahh. Now I had to wait and hope and pray that the scheduler could find me another engineer. The text messages from my friends saying you have to do the movie even if you cant record on Friday didn’t help matters. I rely on my VO work to pay my rent and can’t leave them high, dry and unrecorded. Plus its for FOX so a major situation also on a time crunch, without much margin for delayed recording.

So many moving parts, to write the script, could I change the recording session? Would I even get the movie and also had to scan my american passport asap and send it to the casting director.

So the upshot was I drove home at 11pm, got up at 6am wrote for 3 hours finished the script then waited to hear whether or not my VO session could be changed. At 10am I was told I wouldn’t know until 12 noon. Then whether or not to change a meeting with a comedy writer booked weeks in advance for 11.30am incase I have to shoot off and record. I kept the meeting.

All got changed, recorded at 3pm and promptly at 8.30pm received the message that I hadn’t in the end booked the movie for Monday.

As I pondered the whole point of having lived a wild 24 hours, rescheduling I thought of my friend saying “Let life be life” and thats what it is. We all have wild days and nights like this where we juggle and shift and are momentarily paralyzed with how to move forward.

I had been up at 6am and meditated, read, did yoga, and visualized. I sat and visualized how I wanted the day to go. Creating a blue print in my mind for how the events would play out. I threw a blanket on the fire of fear, dousing out the raging anxiety of “What ifs…” and held my mind high. After all, so much was out of my control. I learnt that I can take charge of myself in these moments of anxiety and fixate on the best possible outcome and not slip into the pit of worry. The negativity fast is working darling, I truly believe! I refuse to allow the spiral of negativity to take me down. Instead I’m going to visualize the best scenarios and hold firm onto that. And that is quite simply all I have to say about that. Onwards and positively upwards!


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