Being ready


It’s been a crazy busy week, with meetings and work piling up, and by Thursday night I found myself all stressed out. My head felt like a tumble dryer full of thoughts. My heart was racing, and my soul a bit anxious.

The first thing I realized was that I (for two mornings in a row) had been too stressed out to do my daily meditation. I instantly knew that was the reason for me feeling out of the loop. There was not much else to do, but to sit down and meditate. The world which just recently had felt dim, unfocused and uncertain, became clear as crystal. My mind turned still and my heart and soul calmed down.

I was introduced to meditation a few years ago and it actually changed my life. I went from then almost being burnt out to find balance in life. It took a while for me to get into it, and enjoy it, but as soon as I got over the initial resistance it’s been the best gift I ever gave myself.

Meditation is for me a gateway to inner peace. It gives me straight access to my heart and soul, de-clouding every self-made obstacle, and negative attitude. Every time I get out of a meditation I have a clear mind of what my next right action is. The sessions unveil fears, desires and answers. It’s my personal crystal ball. It’s an antidote to stress, and a way to stay clear, peaceful and focused.

Being a professional in the film and tv business it’s important to stay on one’s ¬†toes and perform at top level every day. This week was a great reminder of one of the key ingredients for that. There are many more ways, tools and habits I have and use to keep me ready for what the day will bring, but this one is essential.

Happy Meditating Sunday!

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