Spending the past few days clearing out my grandmothers house. 65 Years of clothes, dishes, trinkets and records. Endless piles of things moved from cupboard to room to room to garage.

My grandmother gave me a cushion with “Worrying about tomorrow empties today of its strength” embroidered on a few years ago. Its incredibly simple but incredibly effective. Living in the now as we pack and label memories reminds me that we must live in this moment as for one thing time is so flitting we’ll blink and we’ll be where she is. Packing up a life in a week or so and surrounded by memories.

A yoga teacher talked in class recently saying that we often walk with our shoulders and head first, jutting out further than the rest of our bodies are, as if our upper bodies are pushing to go faster than the rest of ourselves are, rushing to go through life faster than the we can go. But where are we rushing to?

I want to stop, breathe, look around and take it all in. Its our one wild and precious life and I for one don’t want to barrel through any of it in my haste to be packing up my things¬†and trying to decide how many balls of yarn need to be kept.

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