Since this is the month of inspiration, I wanted to share something that has inspired me lately. Right now I’m reading ’Unlimited Power’ by Tony Robbins and in that book he describes the power of ’Belief’. As everyone knows, we are what we think we are, but even if I know that the experiments he describes in the book on this subject knocked me off my feet, and called me out on my still existing limiting beliefs.

Robbins describes the power of Belief with several examples, and I’ll give you two of them. First he describes an experiment on a woman who suffered from schizophrenia. When the woman was in one state (one personality and world) she had diabetes, but in the other state (another world and order) she didn’t have diabetes. The doctors did many tests on her and they all concluded it was a fact. She believed her to have an illness as diabetes in one state and was perfectly healthy in the other. That’s mind blowing.

Robbins describe another experiment of a man who was blindfolded and told he would touch a burning hot piece of metal. Instead of letting him touch the hot metal piece, they let him touch an ice cube. The man, believing he touched hot metal got burnt, and suffered a wound from the ”hot metal” cause he got ”burnt”.

We are what we think we are. To keep your head, heart and soul in a good if not at the best possible place is just proven amazingly important. I continue to test, develop and investigate routines and rituals to see which will help me not only to perform at the highest level, but which also makes me the happiest.

Which routines or/and rituals are the most important for you?

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