Forgot the bead

At 8.30 pm on Wednesday evening I saw my jar of beads, and I remembered I had forgotten the bead practice in the morning. I opened the jar, took out the bead, dropped it in the other jar. The symbolism hit me. I had forgotten the bead, and I had forgotten to live with intention.

I’m not saying my whole day had been without intention – but I hadn’t lived it with full, wholehearted, present intention. I had been going about my day being busy.

It’s that easy to forget that every day matters. It’s that easy. One day, and we might let them all slip away.

I remember, after one of the devastating moments in my life, I said “I will never take things for granted again.” But you know what? Time passes, and we do start to take things for granted. That’s what we do in life. The only thing that can stop us from taking life for granted is if we make a conscious everyday decision to do so.

So thankfully I found myself slipping today, and tomorrow I can start over all new again.

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