This week I began talking to my therapist on the Monday who said that I didn’t have enough faith and wasn’t visualizing what I was going for enough. That doubt, like a grain of sand in a watch, stops the whole mechanism from working. I wrote down some affirmations and visualizations of what I want to happen in my life. I also started working through a more serious book of gratitude. Listing 10 things daily that I am grateful for and why. I started to renew, to rekindle the fire in my heart of faith and hope. On Wednesday I had  a yoga class and during class I was working on a challenging arm balance. I have been working on this balance for several years and can do it against the wall but not in the center of the room. I had sort of accepted that, although I sort of did want to do it in the center of the room, unaided without a wall nearby but I wasn’t really wildly going for it. Well after a couple of attempts at the pose my teacher said imagine, visualize yourself holding the post. So I did. Before kicking back upside down I visualized myself holding the pose. Then I kicked up and held the pose. When I came down I couldn’t believe it…2 days after my therapist had talked about the essential-ness of visualizing something before it happens and there I was seeing it in action. It was amazing. It brought 2 things into question;  am I really going after what I want? like Katherine Hepburn said of Chanel, grabbing for life, or am I accepting the status quo? and also the power of visualizing. After all one wouldn’t go about building a house before first designing it. An actress whom I have known for years and who is now in her 70s gave me this piece of advice “when you’re on stage it needs to be vital that you’re there. You can’t sit back on your heels. There must be a sense of urgency, not a sense of complacency” Urgency. Not panic. Not an emotional state, an emotional reaction where you energy is released willy nilly to no gain, but a state of urgency. After all thats why we started the bead movement, to recognize that we are in a state of urgency to some extent. We have a limited time here. Even with popping a bead every morning and having a visual reminder of the finiteness of my life I can so often slip into perhaps a grey area, a less vital, awake place. So heres to a week of visualizing, action and urgency.

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  • Ned Buratovich February 6, 2017 Reply

    Not panic, but urgency <– empowering distinction

    • Mhairi February 12, 2017 Reply

      YES!!! very well put darling. Thank you.

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