In an instant


I am at a little bit of a low ebb at the moment and last week mum very kindly offered to buy me 2 new pairs of shoes. After purchasing the trainers the shop assistant said that I could spin the wheel of fortune behind the counter and if the needle landed on a 0 then I would win a new pair of shoes.

I walked behind the counter, took up a winning stance and spun with all my might. The wheel spun in a frenzy and then came to rest on the 0. It was a 1 out of 128 chance and I did it. More than the shoes was the amazing reminder that life can change in a moment. You can be at your lowest ebb wearing a pair of torn and tattered shoes and a few minutes later you can have won a brand new pair. Life can change in a moment. In a  NY minute darling, so don’t despair. I needed the reminder and am very grateful for it. As Winston Churchill I think once said when you’re going through hell keep going. And a pair of brand sparkling new shoes will be waiting for you at the other end of the darkest tunnel. (not 100% sure he said that last bit)


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