Mhairi’s Week 8

The Week of my Birthday brought about contemplation for the year gone by and what I would like to bring into my new year. It’s a bit like the shedding of a skin, leaving a year behind and going straight into another.  I once heard an analogy about a car in a garage. In order to make room for a new car you have to get rid of your old one. So, in order to ensure I have room for all manner of good things I would like to have in my life I wanted to consciously let go of things that no longer aided and abetted me and my pearl living life.


I hiked up to the observatory as I was thinking about the past year. A little like some magazines that do a summary of the year gone by at the end of December. The highlights of the year type of thing, the Year in Pictures. I did my own personal version but without the photographer or the headlines. I thought about how apt it was to go towards the Observatory; heading up to the place of studying the stars as I consider my future. One should always search for a metaphor for ones life as one lives ones life I believe.


As I hiked up towards the Observatory I kept catching glimpses of the building from around bushes and trees. A bit like keeping your eye on the prize; no matter how challenging and such the pathway is, and what bends in the road may come to you, keep your head up and keep on going up.



The beads are instilling meaning in every day and every moment in both small ways and also  ‘bigger picture’ ways. After all, it has been said that an unexamined life is not worth living and I for one want to lead a life worth living.

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