Time of March

To spend time contemplating what a word means and how it translates into actions, thoughts and meaning in my daily life proved to be a profound experience. The love challenge made us ponder Love in all kinds of ways. The word was present in my mind every single day for a month. It sparked our soulful journey to dive into questioning life like the great old Greeks did on the limestone stairs in Acropolis, but instead of visiting ancient Greece we were doing it in two busy cities on opposite sides of the world. This was definitely something we wanted to do more. So the words for March are ”Letting go”.

Since starting the Bead Movement valuing my time is key. As a consequence of being accepted into a career development programme for writers here in Sweden, time has very much so been on my mind for the past two weeks. Last week I was at a two-day workshop with the excellent career coach Gunilla Novotny Eriksson. We assessed who we are both in our personal and professional lives, what skills we have, what we are doing, and what things/needs/values need to be met in order for us to achieve the best results and live a happy and fulfilling life. It was pretty much like painting a picture of our present situation using Gunilla’s methods. Even though I am a person who cherish and do a whole lot of personal development work, I was still thrown aback by the results. The ten writers who are in the programme all seem to be quite alike at a first glance, but that was far off from the truth. It turns out that we were quite different and consequently need totally different things in order to get the best results.

Getting an expert opinion on how and why we go about things, and a fresh new perspective on my life from a whole new standpoint was invaluable. I realized that I needed to take a step back and go through all that is and all that has been in order to get to the next stage in my career. And the most fantastic thing was that even though she woke me up to see my reality, she gave me the tools to go after my BIG dreams. I realized I have been busy paving the small steps, and she reminded me that I am here to do great things.

This is the year things will change, and the first step is to take a look at what I now can get rid of in my life in order to make room for the new. Because after all, time is all we have, and how we spend our time certainly define us. We are what we spend time doing. And if we want to add or change something in our lives, we need to skip or stop doing something else. So right now I am trying to figure this math out, because it’s time to let things go.

Love, Johanna.

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