The do’s of April


I highly recommend to spend at least one day of your hopefully amazing and long life with an alarm ringing every 10 minutes reminding you to take note of the things you say, think, dream or want to do, but that you at the moment put off for later. No matter how big or small, jolt them down on a piece of paper. It turns out to be quite a few things just over the course of one day… Think about how many it could be in a week, let alone a month or a year. Don’t even get me started about a decade… Nowadays I’m all about limiting potential regrets and turning dreams into reality.

For one and a half month I’ve been seeing a career coach. It’s really exiting and it feels like I in many ways am reinventing myself, which is so nurturing and energizing. Like a spring cleaning of one’s house. It has been a matter of getting to the bottom of things; analyzing career wise what works and what doesn’t, and get a plan in motion. As with everything else in life there is this little incubation time needed. Time to soak up what I want, dream of, and need in my life. To be inspired. To get my strategies right in order to plan my actions. But the important thing is to not stay in the incubation for too long, just the exact time needed.

So right now I’m in the starting blocks almost ready to get going, and what I above all things need is to get out of my own way. Luckily I have my co-beader Mhairi battling the same things on the other side of the Atlantic, so we decided that April will be the month of DOING. Not reckless doing, but more mindfully so. It’s a matter of knowing where we are headed, having faith that life will take us there, and trust the process. It’s a choice based on the heart which requires a big leap of faith and a whole lot of hard work.

It’s so easy to get lofty in one’s thinking when one embarks on turning one’s visions into reality, but what I am all about now as I march into April, is to do a little piece of action every day. I break it down in to a manageable bite size, because what is life if not lived fully? I do love my work, and I have grand visions. But I can’t just work, I need to live too. So I’m breaking my big visions into manageable pieces. And could there possibly be a better way, than to work on that big dream a little every single day? It keeps one’s eyes on the price, right?

Happy Easter actions from Sweden,


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